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Branded Workwear & Custom Branded Clothing









Super quick turnaround and amazing quality print + garments! My go-to for any print products for my business!

Wild Women Fitness

  • What is workwear apparel?
    Workwear is specialised clothing designed for different industries, prioritising functionality, durability, and safety to meet workers' specific job needs.
  • What makes good workwear?
    High-quality, durable materials that can withstand the rigours of the work environment are essential for good workwear. Depending on the job requirements, materials should be resistant to wear and tear, abrasions, and stains, and in some cases, flame-resistant or chemical-resistant. Ease of movement, breathability, and overall comfort.
  • Why is branded workwear important?
    Branded PPE, workwear, and uniform are great ways to be easily recognised. They look professional, give your employees a sense of belonging, and add a layer of security and protection.
  • What are the advantages of uniforms at work?
    Branded PPE, workwear, and uniforms are great ways to be easily recognised. They look professional, give your employees a sense of belonging, and add a layer of security and protection.
  • How do you put a logo on clothes?
    Brand 88 uses screen printing, direct-to-film, and embroidery to apply logos on clothes. Screen printing is ideal for bulk orders, while direct-to-film suits intricate designs and smaller quantities. Embroidery offers a durable and sophisticated finish. Clients can choose the method that best fits their preferences and requirements.
  • How much does custom branding cost for uniforms?
    Custom branding costs for uniforms depend on factors like the chosen print method, quantity, and design complexity. Screen printing is cost-effective for larger quantities, while embroidery may have additional charges for intricate designs and larger stitch counts. For accurate pricing, it's best to contact our customer services directly with specific requirements.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
    We currently have a MOQ of 20 garments on screen printing and 8 garments on embroidery. There is no MOQ on direct to film or direct to garment printing, making this ideal for small runs and samples.
  • Is there a set-up cost for printing and embroidery?
    We make a charge to set up screen prints which is a one-off fee. If we need to digitise your embroidery artwork, we make a charge of £25 + VAT.
  • How can I lessen the environmental impact whilst getting the best quality print?
    We strive to lessen our impact through using water-based products wherever possible. We also offer local delivery through Eco Postie.
  • Can I iron on printed clothing?
    We advise against ironing on Screen prints and Direct-to-Film prints.
  • Can you create a logo for me?
    We have an in-house designer who can work with an existing idea to create a new design from conception.
  • Can I supply my own garments?
    Yes! Whilst we have an extensive catalogue of options for you to choose from, if you prefer to supply your own then that is fine. There may be a handling fee applied on supplied clothing.
  • Can I design my own logo?
    Yes, you can design your own logo and supply it to us ideally in an AI or PNG file. Consider the stitch count and feasibility of the stitching on fine lines and small details.
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