Close up of threads on sewing machine



Purple top with St Agnes Silver Band logo embroidered
St. Agnes Silver Band
Pile of towels with Gaya Superyacht logo embroidered
Gaya Superyacht
Navy & white cap with Sharps Brewery embroidered
Sharps Brewery
Tops with CAMRA Kernow logo embroidered
CAMRA Kernow
Black caps with Pendennis Shipyard embroidered
Pendennis Shipyard
Dark jacket with Cockwells logo embroidered

Our embroiderer, Sarah, is one of Cornwall's most experienced embroidery and stitching specialists.

Embroidered clothing will give your clothing a professional, corporate finish that will the last the lifetime of your garment. Embroidery cannot be beaten for quality and resilience.

We will digitise your artwork/logo into an embroidery format for a one-time fee of £25 + VAT. We will have your logo on file forever after that, so you will never pay that fee again.

Embroidered logos are costed dependent on the stitching of the logo. The prices are as follows:

























X Large






A small logo is 5000 stitches or fewer.

A medium logo is 5000-10000 stitches.

A large logo is 10000-15000 stitches.

An X-large logo is any logo with 15000+ stitches.

Send us your artwork via email with the size you'd like the logo to be and we can estimate which category your logo will fall into.

If you'd like personalised initials or names added to garments, email or call us for a quote.