Vinyl  & Versacamm

Vinyl and Versacamm prints are great for smaller printing runs.

A vinyl print is made of a soft, thin and environmentally friendly polyurethane material that is heat-pressed into garments at 150°C. Vinyl has a great, flexible feel and is washable at up to 80°C and is tumble-dryer proof.

Vinyl is great for smaller runs of limited-colour prints.

A Versacamm print is similar, but your artwork is printed onto the material first, so the colours are unlimited. The prints have a thicker feel than vinyl, but are just as hardy in the wash.

Versacamm prints are also great for smaller runs, particularly those of more complex or multi-coloured designs.

There are no set-up fees for Vinyl or Versacamm prints.


5 or less









Black rugby tops for Rubgy Rippers
Newquay Treviglas
Two men wearing blue aprons printed for Davies Catering
Davies Catering
Coloured tops for Polzeath FC
Polzeath FC
Printed garments for Northgate Carpentry
Northgate Carpentry

If you're unsure about whether vinyl printing is right for your needs, send us an email or give us a call, and we will happily advise.